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The Tournament Series will play this Monday July 12, 2021 at The Club at Savannah Harbor. Please see below for important information and tee times.

  • Spectator Carts will be available for $25.00
  • The Driving Range will NOT be available for this event.
  • Pace of Play will be monitored

Tee Times

Boys 10-12

7:30 am              Alex Dao, Sahaj Patel, Kyle Price, Jordan Walls

Boys 13-14

7:38 am              Elliott Oliver, Chad Chadwell, Hal Dollander, Mathew Reynolds

7:46 am              Bowen Kicklighter, Lou Lively, Jac Cetti

7:54 am              Colin Halligan, Sean Halligan, Tyler Shippy

8:02 am              Staten Shell, Anthony DeMott, Heath Kulp


8:10 am              Hayden Price, Abigail Cheney, Maddie Sheldon

8:18 am              Hanna Smith, Hillary Smith

Boys Open

8:26 am              Talyn Childress, Nicholas Scarano, Haddon Watson, William Whitfield

8:34 am              Whit Watson, Lane McCullough, Mark Greene, Andrew Carr

Boys 15-18

8:42 am              Porter Fabre, Cohen Heidt, Hunter Thompson

8:50 am              Ryan Kicklighter, Samuel Reynolds