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The Savannah Harbor Junior Golf Classic is scheduled for Monday July 6, 2020. We have some guidelines and restrictions that we must follow to help keep our participants, spectators and staff safe.

SJGA will incorporate the following protocols for the safety of our players and families. Please review these protocols prior to your event.

  • All players and spectators must obey the social distance rule of maintaining a minimum of six feet at all times. This rule must be maintained and will be enforced from arrival at the event site until exiting the event site.
  • No handshakes, hugs, etc. (Six feet Social Distancing)
  • Spectator/Rental Carts: Spectator Carts will be available for rent for $25.00.
  • Tournament Series Registration must be completed no later than the Friday prior to the event.
  • SJGA will provide bottled water. Staff will distributed water to players. Only staff members can open coolers and pass out water.
  • Scorecards will be printed by staff.
  • Signage will be posted reminding players and spectators of safety protocols.
  • No tees or ball markers, etc. will be available at site.
  • No Scoreboard after completion of play. Scores will be posted on website.

Please go the Forms Page on this web site and read the all of our COVID-19 Guidelines.

Note: The Driving Range at this event will be available for SJGA players at no additional charge.

Tee Times and Pairings

Boys Open

8:00 am – Alex Bokina, Hughes Threlkeld, Andrew Scarano, Brenden Tigert

8:08 am – Lane McCullough, Haddon Watson, Nicholas Scarano

8:16 am – Mark Greene, Whit Watson, Cohen Heidt

Boys 10-12

8:24 am – Elliott Oliver, Lou Lively, Kyle Price

8:32 am – Chad Chadwell, Hamp Threlkeld, Bear Dollander

8:40 am – Kohki Maeda, Anthony DeMott, Grant Odom

Boys 13-14

8:48 am – William Whitfield, Quentin Brooks, Porter Fabre

8:56 am – Talyn Childress, Bryce Hendricks, Grant Reid

9:04 am – Colby Brennan, Colin Halligan, Sean Halligan


9:12 am – Erica Couch, Madi Saxton, Gracie Lively

9:20 am – Hayden Price, Maddie Sheldon, Sophia Raye