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The City Junior Am is a 2-day 36 hole event at Bacon Park Golf Club beginning Tuesday June 18th. The range will be available around 8:00 am, please check in and be at the 1st tee 10 minutes prior to your tee time.

Remember, Your tee time is the time your group is to be teeing off, not arriving at the tee.


Boys 10-12

9:00 am – Chad Chadwell, Elliott Oliver, Bear Dollander

9:09 am – Mathew Reynolds, Hugo Ramires, Jack Weeks

9:18 am – Lou Lively, Kyle Price, Hamp Threlkeld

Girls 15-18

9:27 am – Erica Couch, Allison Sullivan, Gracie Lively

9:36 am – Tobi Roberson, Karen Kao

Boys 13-14

9:45 am – Jacop Fripp, Nicholas Scarano, Andrew Messalle, Haddon Watson

9:54 am – Finley Burke, Whit Watson, Dallas Hunter, Gage Flowers

10:03 am – John Avino, Andrew Carr, William Whitfield

10:12 am – Talyn Childress, Porter Fabre, Samuel Reynolds

Boys 15-18

10:21 am – Ryder Childress, Tyler Frazee, Kannon Bright

10:30 am – Hayden Davis, Matthew Dudley, Spencer Kunert

10:39 am – Nicholas Hofmann, Sam Tootle, John Youmans

Boys Open

10:48 am – Aidan Ganley, Andrew Scarano, Jack Floyd, Lane McCullough

10:57 am – Connor Cohen, Mark Greene, Wilson Johnson, Clay Massey